Pit: A poem by Mae De Leon

By Mae De Leon

How can I fathom the void that you left?
How can you say you love me when you broke?
My Heart.
For there were moments when I wondered,
Down to every breathe
That you would love me not for what I can give you
But for what I can be,
To grow in love and never feel ashamed of who you are.
For I have now understood,
In essence,
I dare not wish to end it.
But I need to.
To move on from this oblivion of losing you.
That when the time comes,
I will just laugh about all this.
How can you say?
Trust me and I can make you happy?
When we all know
that I was just a play thing.
Everything for you:

Is a game!
What the other can give.
You give in order to love. You love and give.
Hopefully in time.
I would just remember you as some boy

and the memories

etched in my mind. Shall disappear

Food for the soul. We eat for the mind, body and spirit.

This article taught me about Rejection and Never giving up my or your dreams.

Sadly, this article did not land me a job but food in itself taught me to fight:)

Food for the soul By Joana De Leon

Ramen for the Japanese, Chicken adobo for Filipinos, the macaron for the French, the English take on Fish n’ chips, the pizza that the Italians introduced to us. How Kevin Kwan’s book Crazy Rich Asians was a good cook book for the making the perfect Singaporean satay.

People always believe that food is of the essence without it we cannot function and get by life. There is even a tendency to over eat, binge and even have disorders impact how people perceive life.

I have long been in-love with food. All my life I have always wanted to eat. When I was younger and up until I started working. I lived a sedentary lifestyle that made me, gain weight rapidly. This has been my problem. I was a very chubby person.I am always obese but it never bothered me. However, after some time, my family inspired me that gave in leading for me to decide that I need to have lifestyle change it means that no more junk food, sweets or any food that has too much sugar, sodium and fat.

When I was in college, my professor made us write a paper about Philosophy. I wanted to answer the question: Why do people eat? It was not just based on the norm of mundane clichés that most people would answer but rather the thought that food has something deeper to offer to its patrons. Food is for celebration, for substance, for sharing.:)

After my careful analysis and research, food is fuel and whatever you eat has an effect on your body. The cliché “you are what you eat” does reflect on how your body works. It is sustenance that you have to eat in order to feed yourself and your soul because food has a story behind its creation. It is not just limited to the physicality of eating the food itself. There’s more than beats the eye.

The lavish food preparations that would take chefs and foodies hours to plan for their restaurant, business or passion to prosper. The constant updating of innovative dishes that would need to consider food lovers and customers. How one’s food can be profitable and famous for people to cue in? Each sentiment would be beneficial to both parties, the restaurants, customers and even the investors have a say.

Food is not just plain food it is more than the feeling you have when you smell the aroma of the food you are eating. The consume mindfulness with what the food bring to you. Every country or city has a specialty.

The soul is what makes a person worthwhile without it life would not matter. Consuming food feeds you and your mind, body and spirit. We relatively enjoy food.:)

Eating and making food with passion affects one’s soul and day-to-day existence to gallivant through life.

Health is wealth. We need to allot time for ourselves to be healthy and strong:)

23 Of The Most Beautiful Lines From Literature

Words that are ingrained once you get a glimpse of them in novels❤ I am forever inspired to read and write with these words:)

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I asked friends and people across the internet what they thought the most beautiful lines in literature were. Some chose lines from classic books while others picked more recent releases. Here are some of their answers.


“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.” – Stephen Chbosky, Perks Of Being A Wallflower


“I know so many last words. But I will never know hers.” – John Green, Looking For Alaska


“Wilbur never forgot Charlotte. Although he loved her children and grandchildren dearly, none of the new spiders ever quite took her place in his heart.” – E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web


“Rudy, please, wake up, Goddamn it, wake up, I love you. Come on, Rudy, come on, Jesse Owens, don’t you know I love you, wake up…

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31 Stunning Quotes About Reading That Will Make You Want To Pick Up A Book Right Now

Thus, Reading books awakens the soul.:)

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Vaclav Mach  Vaclav Mach

1. “There are no faster or firmer friendships than those between people who love the same books.”

–Irving Stone

2. “My test of a good novel is dreading to begin the last chapter.”

–Thomas Helm

3. “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”

–Vera Nazarian

4. “Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.”

–Barbara W. Tuchman

5. “From your parents you learn love and laughter and how to put one foot before the other. But when books are opened you discover that you have wings.”

–Helen Hayes

6. “It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.”

–Oscar Wilde

7. “When I look back, I am so impressed again with the…

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Domo Arigato Japan Desu!

Japanese food. If it was apocalypse and I had one meal left, I would probably choose Japanese food. I do not know how but the food in itself, takes me to the place it came from. The food actually shows the culture of the country. I was fortunate enough to visit the Land of the Rising Sun with my family. We galavanted around the area, our first destination was Osaka. Clearly not all the signs had English signs on them. I stayed in this U Community hotel.

Tip: In order to save money, get a JRS pass. It has unlimited access in riding the train around Japan.

The moment we arrived in Japan we were so famished and so when we arrived in Osaka, we found a pub called ZIMA, that serve authentic Japanese food the karage in the ramen was so devine.

Indeed, I will never get tired of this.

Day 1: We went to Nara Park. Oh Deer! Literally, a lot of deers there. We saw the temple and buddha. Asked for luck from the master. But found out that I am not lucky. Boo! Think positive. Ate the takoyaki balls and Greentea ice cream.

Day 2: Universal Studios. I have been an avid fan of Harry since 2000. With that said, Harry and his world has always been something that I wanted to visit. It was legend-wait for it-dary. Butterbeer was too sweet so i decided to put a little beer to ease out the taste. We ate at Three Broomsticks. Went around Hogsmeade and some parts of Hogwarts. I would want to go back to this place where there is less people. Who knew that Halloween would have the whole population of Osaka that day.

Day 3: Rode a bullet train to Tokyo. We got the cheapest one and so more stops. 2-3 hours trip, we were saying goodbye to Osaka and Hello Tokyo.

Day 4: We went around Shinjuku. UNIQLO, H&M, TOPSHOP, MUJI. FOREVER 21. I was in retail heaven.

Day 5: Went to Shibuya. Shibuya crossing, majestic it is indeed the TIMES SQUARE OF ASIA. People crossing in different directions. SHOPPING and more shops to conquer.

Day 6: Good bye Japan, You will always be in my heart. I would rather be lost in translation in this place anytime.

Tip: Travel light since fact, you will shop in japan. MUJI is found in Family Mart and 7eleven so if you love MUJI more stuff for you. I love to walk and Japan gave me that opportunity to explore, to see and to enjoy its beauty.

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What if? The Innocence of Love

I wrote this 5 years ago.

I wanted a decent job. She wanted a decent love. I have never been in love whole heartedly to the point that I wanted to die. Mourning, depression, remorse. I did however experience one sided love maybe its more difficult to bare.

Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS think of a better tomorrow. If I was hurt like a person who is broken hearted, I really would feel the pain, the empathy of someone who lost someone they love. The abyss of whether or not one must leave such a conundrum.

As Murkami has said ” There’s that 100% Perfect girl out there, he may be not perfect, but I will love him so.” In my case That 100% perfect guy is out there.

There’s no course in college about Dating, Love 101. It is the experience we have of it that makes us learn.

“Love is not love which alters”, sow of the words by Shakespeare. Love is ambitious, it is different with every person.

To all those who got hurt, when you’re loneliness is true find that other YOU, who will love your more. Think: I still remember the boy but I don’t remember the feeling anymore, a song by Jose Mari Chan.

I really don’t know, will I give everything to? Will I meet my guy soon? All I know is that there’s this one person out there for everyone. Waiting maybe tiring but someone is out there.

We do stupid things for love. People get so enveloped with it, that they tend to be over the top. Dying figuratively ‘I feel my heart bleeding because of you’. Getting sad ‘I won’t love anyone else but you’, negative all the time.

‘I can find another love, other than you, farewell dear sweet boy whom I once love so.’ Positivity is key, sometimes in life, when we love, we do things, we least expect ourselves to be doing.

I may not have experienced love but there’s always a rainbow of happiness, an ecstasy of forever, moments of nostalgia, high hopes for a future with him, whoever he is.

Sometimes, “All we need is love…love is all we need,” as the Beatles have sang in their song. Everyone, everybody deserves to be loved.

A Teacher For Others

Just something inspiring about my profession.

“What can life be if I was passive?”

I believe that we are people whose sole purpose in life is to do something about our lives. It took me some time to realize that I have always wanted to be an educator. I came to a realization that teaching is a noble profession that some people are called for. It is way to exercise and establish one’s mind by guiding an individual or a particular group of students. I can become a better citizen in this world if I would do something that I love and that is teaching.

Education is a key instrument in making a difference in this world by helping young individuals who are meager beings to be equipped with survivals skills and be of counsel to these people. I hope that I would be a better teacher, be able to accomplish and impart greater knowledge and life lessons to these individuals.

Experience is the best teacher of all. Simply experiencing the betterment as a way of life would hone me for the real live world’s struggles, well-being and the mere thought of the practicality to fully mature and work with different kinds of people. I also think that we should live our lives fully by learning and re-learning things everyday and not just let it be mundane.

As an educator, I have come to ponder on greater possibilities that I can really make a difference in this world, in terms of educating and helping these young individuals live and appreciate life for what it is. I did not limit my lesson with just topics contained in the course outline. I tried my very best to make my students traverse and seek better things in life. I tried to inspire, to impart life lessons and to instill the decadence and savor life.

I love waking up in the morning and planning my lesson. I enjoyed every single day of teaching. When I was in the process of knowing what it is that teachers do, I encountered difficult students and even condescending topics that I had to study and try to make simple for my students to comprehend. I was able to have positive and negative memories when I taught in Benedictine. I was not afraid of trying to impart knowledge since I believe that each and every one of those students had every right to live their dreams and envision a better future. I was only there to guide and help them achieve their full potential, I was a more of a mentor other than a teacher.

I choose to be productive and not be passive. I have always wanted to help people and to bring about change in society. Everything that I do is for the greater glory of God since He supports us and apart from my family and friends, I have always believed in Him.

I hope that in the current school I am teaching in, the necessary training, knowledge and skills useful in being an educator would vindicate, encourage and help a lot of children. I would work harder and strive for excellence and go beyond the distance. Thus, this privilege can bring greater opportunities to me fully as a person and as a teacher for the service to the youth today. I will emerge in an ephemeral form of life.