Domo Arigato Japan Desu!

Japanese food. If it was apocalypse and I had one meal left, I would probably choose Japanese food. I do not know how but the food in itself, takes me to the place it came from. The food actually shows the culture of the country. I was fortunate enough to visit the Land of the Rising Sun with my family. We galavanted around the area, our first destination was Osaka. Clearly not all the signs had English signs on them. I stayed in this U Community hotel. A couple of minutes you’ll in JRS.

Tip: In order to save money, get a JRS pass. It has unlimited access in riding the train around Japan.

The moment we arrived in Japan we were so famished and so when we arrived in Osaka, we found a pub called ZIMA, that serve authentic Japanese food the karage in the ramen was so devine.

Indeed, I will never get tired of this.

Day 1: We went to Nara Park. Oh Deer! Literally, a lot of deers there. We saw the temple and buddha. Asked for luck from the master. But found out that I am not lucky. Boo! Think positive. At the takoyaki balls and Greentea ice cream.

Day 2: Universal Studios. I have been an avid fan of Harry since 2000. With that said, Harry and his world has always been something that I wanted to visit. It was legend-wait for it-dary. Butterbeer was too sweet so i decided to put a little beer to ease out the taste. We ate at Three Broomsticks. Went around Hogsmeade and some parts of Hogwarts. I would want to go back to this place where there is less people. Who knew that Halloween would have the whole population of Osaka that day.

Day 3: Rode a bullet train to Tokyo. We got the cheapest one and so more stops. 2-3 hours trip, we were saying goodbye to Osaka and Hello Tokyo.

Day 4: We went around Shinjuku. UNIQLO, H&M, TOPSHOP, MUJI. FOREVER 21. I was in retail heaven.

Day 5: Went to Shibuya. Shibuya crossing, majestic it is indeed the TIMES SQUARE OF ASIA. People crossing in different directions. SHOPPING and more shops to conquer.

Day 6: Good bye Japan, You will always be in my heart. I would rather be lost in translation in this place anytime.

Tip: Travel light since fact, you will shop in japan. MUJI is found in Family Mart and 7eleven so if you love MUJI more stuff for you. I love to walk and Japan gave me that opportunity to explore, to see and to enjoy its beauty.

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What if? The Innocence of Love

I wrote this 5 years ago.

I wanted a decent job. She wanted a decent love. I have never been in love whole heartedly to the point that I wanted to die. Mourning, depression, remorse. I did however experience one sided love maybe its more difficult to bare.

Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS think of a better tomorrow. If I was hurt like a person who is broken hearted, I really would feel the pain, the empathy of someone who lost someone they love. The abyss of whether or not one must leave such a conundrum.

As Murkami has said ” There’s that 100% Perfect girl out there, he may be not perfect, but I will love him so.” In my case That 100% perfect guy is out there.

There’s no course in college about Dating, Love 101. It is the experience we have of it that makes us learn.

“Love is not love which alters”, sow of the words by Shakespeare. Love is ambitious, it is different with every person.

To all those who got hurt, when you’re loneliness is true find that other YOU, who will love your more. Think: I still remember the boy but I don’t remember the feeling anymore, a song by Jose Mari Chan.

I really don’t know, will I give everything to? Will I meet my guy soon? All I know is that there’s this one person out there for everyone. Waiting maybe tiring but someone is out there.

We do stupid things for love. People get so enveloped with it, that they tend to be over the top. Dying figuratively ‘I feel my heart bleeding because of you’. Getting sad ‘I won’t love anyone else but you’, negative all the time.

‘I can find another love, other than you, farewell dear sweet boy whom I once love so.’ Positivity is key, sometimes in life, when we love, we do things, we least expect ourselves to be doing.

I may not have experienced love but there’s always a rainbow of happiness, an ecstasy of forever, moments of nostalgia, high hopes for a future with him, whoever he is.

Sometimes, “All we need is love…love is all we need,” as the Beatles have sang in their song. Everyone, everybody deserves to be loved.

A Teacher For Others

Just something inspiring about my profession.

“What can life be if I was passive?”

I believe that we are people whose sole purpose in life is to do something about our lives. It took me some time to realize that I have always wanted to be an educator. I came to a realization that teaching is a noble profession that some people are called for. It is way to exercise and establish one’s mind by guiding an individual or a particular group of students. I can become a better citizen in this world if I would do something that I love and that is teaching.

Education is a key instrument in making a difference in this world by helping young individuals who are meager beings to be equipped with survivals skills and be of counsel to these people. I hope that I would be a better teacher, be able to accomplish and impart greater knowledge and life lessons to these individuals.

Experience is the best teacher of all. Simply experiencing the betterment as a way of life would hone me for the real live world’s struggles, well-being and the mere thought of the practicality to fully mature and work with different kinds of people. I also think that we should live our lives fully by learning and re-learning things everyday and not just let it be mundane.

As an educator, I have come to ponder on greater possibilities that I can really make a difference in this world, in terms of educating and helping these young individuals live and appreciate life for what it is. I did not limit my lesson with just topics contained in the course outline. I tried my very best to make my students traverse and seek better things in life. I tried to inspire, to impart life lessons and to instill the decadence and savor life.

I love waking up in the morning and planning my lesson. I enjoyed every single day of teaching. When I was in the process of knowing what it is that teachers do, I encountered difficult students and even condescending topics that I had to study and try to make simple for my students to comprehend. I was able to have positive and negative memories when I taught in Benedictine. I was not afraid of trying to impart knowledge since I believe that each and every one of those students had every right to live their dreams and envision a better future. I was only there to guide and help them achieve their full potential, I was a more of a mentor other than a teacher.

I choose to be productive and not be passive. I have always wanted to help people and to bring about change in society. Everything that I do is for the greater glory of God since He supports us and apart from my family and friends, I have always believed in Him.

I hope that in the current school I am teaching in, the necessary training, knowledge and skills useful in being an educator would vindicate, encourage and help a lot of children. I would work harder and strive for excellence and go beyond the distance. Thus, this privilege can bring greater opportunities to me fully as a person and as a teacher for the service to the youth today. I will emerge in an ephemeral form of life.

The Olympian Gods and Goddesses

The Olympian Gods and Goddesses

Literature for the Basis of this Myths:

  • Ovid’s Metamorphoses By Ovid (Roman)
  • The Iliad and The Odyssey By Homer (Greek)

The links for our class:


Which Olympian God are you?


The Olympian Gods and Goddess Glossary


The task: At the end of the class, the student is expected to create a Character Sketch of his or her own Demi-god.

character sketch

UK:London Calling!!!

Keep calm and carry on

United Kingdom

The London Eye. It rains all the time. The Double Decker Bus, TUBE, LONDON EYE, BIG BEN, Tower of London Bridge, The London Bridge. West Minister. The British Museum. Madam Tussaud’s Museum.

As I was anticipating my arrival at the Heathrow airport. I have every inclination to probe the place that i have just met. I did not think that i was more excited than i ever imagined. I was no longer in Manila. I was ready to conquer London,England.

We arrived at our hotel called Holiday Inn. Somewhere in Kensington. It was our first night on this greater vacation.

As for my curious self. I gave in i was walking through the streets of london trying to find south kensington and its gleeful shops such as topshop, Zara, TK maxx, and so on.Shopping at its finest. The shopping is bizarre or mental as the British would call it.Indeed the British accent was like music to my ears.The brits are actually nice and helpful people.That night was a bit cheeky. I was looking forward to the next few days.

Finally the time to actually experience the sights and sounds of London.

Tower of London

Telephone Booth
“The Queen is Coming.”I did not have the opportunity to meet her but I was able to visit the Buckingham Palace. I did get a chance to have a picture with Prince Harry’s wax figure.

with Prince Harry

It was a walking adventure and I was really ecstatic to have had the opportunity to experience this place.

The tour of the City of London was splendid.

London Eye

I would seriously go back and visit Notting Hill and the Harry Potter Museum.

Just a quick stop to Stonehenge


and a short visit to Bath specifically the Roman Baths.




Scornful Cognition of Letting Go

Scornful Cognition of Letting Go

By Mae De Leon

Fragments of your face running through my mind
A montage of what a sweet smile
The never-ending moment
The songs I listened to
Made me picture what might have been
I texted you

But it’s as if you ignore me
To fight or to flee
To have a choice
Wanting to drink a pill
To put me out of my morose


I want to erase you from my memory
To mend this pit of sorrow
To oblivion
To an abyss of betterment
To never feel this way again

You shot me out

It pains me to feel this way

I still have these thoughts

Wishful thinking that there might be a possibility
“You are a piece of me”

 I can not leave you
I need some clarity
For you are my remedy
How long shall I wait?
I dare not know
But my heart is throbbing in decay
The emptiness of this sensibilities

For he does not give a sh*t about you
Walk away
You do not deserve a love that was never yours to begin with
You are capable of something more than this mediocrity of a sadist

Who dare not make a change because he seems comfortable with what is than what could be

Good bye good debonaire who poached this heart

For I already accepted that we can never be
I set you free
Live your life happily without me
What lies ahead?
A better disposition
I’m ready to free fall into the unknown with someone else
To move on
I deserve greatness

Happy 2013

Happy 2013 everyone!

It’s been almost a year since i started this blog. I would like to thank my followers and those who did find time in visiting my site. This blog is a year old.

New beginnings indeed, a fresh start.
To always remember that we shouldn’t rue the mistakes that we made rather to learn from them.
A positive outlook and to impart shared meaning with our New Year’s Resolutions.

I spent the my New Year’s Eve in Baguio City. The summer capital of the Philippines.
It was what I really needed a time to get away to ponder on greater possibilities and continuing to have faith in God. The picturesque greenery and nature at its finest.

Happy New Year!


Fool For You

I wrote this sonnet  two years ago for my English Class. I did however revise it a bit.

“Fool For You”

By: Mae De Leon

A love that is condescending to me

I met this person,could it be serendipity?

I can see that he mimics Apollo standing before me

The conspiracy of fighting thoughts and wishes

Asking Romeo to rescue me, this heart from falling

Yearns to awaken my narcissistic wishes

I dare not be like Juliet  ending her entire being

The passion of what, one glimpses

Neither can Poseidon, alter how I am feeling

As anyone cannot dictate my heart

And the wisdom of Athena gleaming

The abyss filling this lonely heart

The incubus of my sentiments

 That will never answer my laments

Retrospect: The Philosophy of Eating Healthy

I’d like to share a paper I wrote for my Philosophy class way back in 2010. Let’s hear it from my 21 year old self. It’s almost Christmas and more food to come. I came to a realization that sharing my insights regarding food would inspire and give insights.

December is CHRISTMAS!!!




Caper diem meaning to seize the day because we are being busy, we just let the day pass without even doing anything out of the ordinary. Today, everything comes in an instant like food, coffee and so on. I want to talk about my health since I have been busy with school and not eating healthy or being less conscious of my health.
My dad always goes to the gym and does not eat rice at all. My mom is eating only two meals a day. My younger sister is a dancer who can eat whatever she wants but is concerned about losing weight. On the other hand I do not care at all. When I was younger, I was physically active and fit since I played soccer. As the years passed, my academic standing is compromised so to focus in my studies in school, I gave up playing soccer. For the past few years, I gained weight because I really love the taste and feel of food. I have been struggling with losing weight since then. Just recently I went to the school clinic and had my medical check-up, to my surprise I gained a lot of weight since I started college. I made a deal with my cousin that I would lose weight and do everything I can but I lacked motivation and the persistence to go with diet and exercise. In short, I got bored and felt the need to give up. Now, I’m changing my ways by eating healthier foods and trying very hard to exercise as much as I can.

The philosophical questions: Why do we eat? Why do I find it difficult to have a healthy lifestyle?

First, eating is not just a need but also a desire for all of us to survive and replenish the calories lost because of daily living. But, too much, beyond the daily needs may lead to being overweight and worst, being morbidly obese. Love of food leads to addiction to food in general. The best way to solve this problem would be to eat in moderation. Eating less can actually make each of us crave for more. A deprived person tends to eat more than he or she needs. Food and water are basic necessities and are important. But sometimes why do we go beyond and want more than what we need? Is this an expression of our primal needs to satisfy our unlimited wants? It’s like a big ocean abundant and filled with different types and forms of life, from the corals to all sea animals. This is overwhelming since it is a mystery and tends to get deeper within us.

Second, with the fast pace of modern living, the practice of eating healthy is slowly decreasing. Even if a lot of people are conscious of what they eat and are trying to eat healthy, majority just continue on eating fast food since everyone have fast-paced lifestyle and are seemingly busy. One can even consider eating as a coping mechanism for stressful events in ones’ lives. One eats less because of dieting; others are stressed out that they can’t even eat. Isn’t it unpredictable that each individual have different perspectives and views regarding food? While all of us eat, we have different food preferences and have different reasons for eating. Majority just eat because they need to get through the day. For others, eating is a form of social interaction and, as such, an occasion. Does eating lead to happy things? Or do people eat because they are sad? I consider eating as a need, a choice, for betterment and for filling in something empty. Just like traveling around the world, we go to different places to learn about culture. With food, there are many kinds, preparations and reasons for them to be consumed.

Third, I strongly believe that eating has something to do with passion and having control. Some people don’t just eat food for the sake of eating alone. Others even consider preparing the food and have dedicated their lives cooking. It is their passion. It is their profession. Some people venture into becoming chefs, food critiques, owning restaurants, writing books about food making others see that food is not only all about eating but also loving what you do. On the other hand, control over something is needed in order to not be too greedy or unsatisfied. If one wants to lose weight one has to control what one consumes. If one wants to succeed one has to have determination and control and motivation. When we are given a task, or consider living, we are in control of the decisions we make. The sense of responsibility, maturity and subjective well being each one of us needs to succeed and finish what we want to do defying all odds. Eating has been rooted from our ancestors even though, they eat differently from us. Some countries eat rice while others are just fine with bread and pasta. Culture is connected with food. Filipinos really love food. I like the idea of trying new cuisines once in a while. You eat because you are starving or sometimes to satisfy your needs that is both a passion and a form of control.

Considering the things I have mentioned earlier, food is vital in daily living even if we say we can last a day without eating. It is just a matter of choice or options. We have to choose because of the different types of food at hand. We have healthy options too but some of us just love eating what’s bad for us like oily foods, sugary food, as well as spicy and salty ones. Some people even venture or consider being vegetarians, vegan or some consider eating meat all the time while others eat whatever is present. Some get bored with eating the same food everyday so they try fast foods instead, quick and yummy but unhealthy. The power is within our hands if we want to indulge ourselves and suffer the consequence of getting diseases once we get older then let things be. People who are obese or overweight may be diabetics or even get diseases that are very bad. I don’t want to be like them, given that my parents are both doctors. They are pressuring me for my own benefit. I want to be healthy because I don’t want to develop disease that may harm me. Some people even develop eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, I don’t want to be like them so thin to the point they look disgusting even if they are reed thin. I strongly believe that with persistence, motivation and control, I can do it. I change my outlook on food because I want to be physically fit like I used to be. I am not doing this for just losing weight but at the same time to be healthy and happy. Even if I get tempted to eat sweets, I just tell myself that I will only eat little amount, I am still persistent that I can do this. It is my challenge now to continue living with healthy foods and eat in moderation.

Not everyone gets to eat good food such as the poor people who can only eat less than what we have at home. Food is a gift and a privilege that we need to consume and not take for granted. We should eat healthy food to become healthy individuals. Being healthy is not just focused on better looks or getting thin or buffed up to be noticed. You just don’t eat healthy but to incorporate exercise and an active lifestyle for things to be effective. I came to realize that food is of the essence without we will not function as normal people. It’s about doing something good for yourself and being influenced by the people you love such as my family and friends. Nothing really is impossible if we just put our heart into things. Life is a climb but the view is great all the time. The only way to be happy is for us to love ourselves more and share that love we have with others.

When Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey

A week ago, I thought that I will have  the best vacation break ever.

Sadly it was rather the most memorable of all my travels.

I stayed in this town called Toms River in New Jersey, USA.

Thank you to the hospitality of my relatives there.

Hurricanes? Who knew I had to experience Sandy in order to know what it feels like to experience imported catastrophes? Its so funny that sometimes despite misery, we would joke about bring the storm to the states when I was asked why we visited the US in a very melancholic predicament.All I could do was make a joke and laugh about it.

Our electric post fell. We can’t go to New York, every place was flooded. All the stores were closed. People were in panic. No power.

After a couple of days, some restaurants opened. WAWA. I just love their liquid creamer.

TOKYO a wide variety of food awaits your taste buds, specifically seafood and Shogun Legacy great food and service. :)


JERSEY SHORE PREMIUM OUTLET Cheap and tax free shopping awaits. More stuff!

I did get my wish. I was able to travel to New York. But as much as sadness and devastation happened in New Jersey so did in New York. Half of Manhattan was close because of power shortage. Who knew that the subway would flood and some people lost there homes? Please! I hope that everyone did bounce back quickly…

Shop for stuff.

Its good to know that NBC hosted a benefit for the people who were greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy.

STING, Aerosmith, etc.

Hopefully East Coast would stay strong.

Gladly power went back the moment we left Jersey.

Between Congratulations Pres. Barrack Obama! Cheers to 4 more years in serving your beloved United States! :)

Thank you Ortiz Family for your Hospitality.

Pictures by April Ortiz-Miranda and Erika De Leon