Domo Arigato Japan Desu!

Japanese food. If it was apocalypse and I had one meal left, I would probably choose Japanese food. I do not know how but the food in itself, takes me to the place it came from. The food actually shows the culture of the country. I was fortunate enough to visit the Land of the Rising Sun with my family. We galavanted around the area, our first destination was Osaka. Clearly not all the signs had English signs on them. I stayed in this U Community hotel.

Tip: In order to save money, get a JRS pass. It has unlimited access in riding the train around Japan.

The moment we arrived in Japan we were so famished and so when we arrived in Osaka, we found a pub called ZIMA, that serve authentic Japanese food the karage in the ramen was so devine.

Indeed, I will never get tired of this.

Day 1: We went to Nara Park. Oh Deer! Literally, a lot of deers there. We saw the temple and buddha. Asked for luck from the master. But found out that I am not lucky. Boo! Think positive. Ate the takoyaki balls and Greentea ice cream.

Day 2: Universal Studios. I have been an avid fan of Harry since 2000. With that said, Harry and his world has always been something that I wanted to visit. It was legend-wait for it-dary. Butterbeer was too sweet so i decided to put a little beer to ease out the taste. We ate at Three Broomsticks. Went around Hogsmeade and some parts of Hogwarts. I would want to go back to this place where there is less people. Who knew that Halloween would have the whole population of Osaka that day.

Day 3: Rode a bullet train to Tokyo. We got the cheapest one and so more stops. 2-3 hours trip, we were saying goodbye to Osaka and Hello Tokyo.

Day 4: We went around Shinjuku. UNIQLO, H&M, TOPSHOP, MUJI. FOREVER 21. I was in retail heaven.

Day 5: Went to Shibuya. Shibuya crossing, majestic it is indeed the TIMES SQUARE OF ASIA. People crossing in different directions. SHOPPING and more shops to conquer.

Day 6: Good bye Japan, You will always be in my heart. I would rather be lost in translation in this place anytime.

Tip: Travel light since fact, you will shop in japan. MUJI is found in Family Mart and 7eleven so if you love MUJI more stuff for you. I love to walk and Japan gave me that opportunity to explore, to see and to enjoy its beauty.

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