Food for the soul. We eat for the mind, body and spirit.

This article taught me about Rejection and Never giving up my or your dreams.

Sadly, this article did not land me a job but food in itself taught me to fight 🙂 ❤

Food for the soul By Joana De Leon

Ramen for the Japanese, Chicken adobo for Filipinos, the macaron for the French, the English take on Fish n’ chips, the pizza that the Italians introduced to us. How Kevin Kwan’s book Crazy Rich Asians was a good cook book for the making the perfect Singaporean satay.

People always believe that food is of the essence without it we cannot function and get by life. There is even a tendency to over eat, binge and even have disorders impact how people perceive life.

I have long been in-love with food. All my life I have always wanted to eat. When I was younger and up until I started working. I lived a sedentary lifestyle that made me, gain weight rapidly. This has been my problem. I was a very chubby person.I am always obese but it never bothered me. However, after some time, my family inspired me that gave in leading for me to decide that I need to have lifestyle change it means that no more junk food, sweets or any food that has too much sugar, sodium and fat.

When I was in college, my professor made us write a paper about Philosophy. I wanted to answer the question: Why do people eat? It was not just based on the norm of mundane clichés that most people would answer but rather the thought that food has something deeper to offer to its patrons. Food is for celebration, for substance, for sharing. 🙂

After my careful analysis and research, food is fuel and whatever you eat has an effect on your body. The cliché “you are what you eat” does reflect on how your body works. It is sustenance that you have to eat in order to feed yourself and your soul because food has a story behind its creation. It is not just limited to the physicality of eating the food itself. There’s more than beats the eye.

The lavish food preparations that would take chefs and foodies hours to plan for their restaurant, business or passion to prosper. The constant updating of innovative dishes that would need to consider food lovers and customers. How one’s food can be profitable and famous for people to cue in? Each sentiment would be beneficial to both parties, the restaurants, customers and even the investors have a say.

Food is not just plain food it is more than the feeling you have when you smell the aroma of the food you are eating. The consume mindfulness with what the food bring to you. Every country or city has a specialty.

The soul is what makes a person worthwhile without it life would not matter. Consuming food feeds you and your mind, body and spirit. We relatively enjoy food. 🙂

Eating and making food with passion affects one’s soul and day-to-day existence to gallivant through life.

Health is wealth. We need to allot time for ourselves to be healthy and strong 🙂


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