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I survived but I thrived

We just arrive in a point wherein we feel worthless, sad and even bored.

Being in between jobs has been a massive struggle.My world felt so meaningless. I felt so down and even depressed. To the point of ending my own life. I know this maybe disturbing but I did everything I can to fight this negativity.

My sympathies go to those who are struggling with this condition. We never choose this light. All of us go through it, it is through how we deal with it that makes us stronger.

I have never been publicly open about this condition. Other than the fact that I got over it with the help of my family, friend and even former colleagues.


I guess I shope-light-in-darkness1urvived and thrived.

You Only Live Once, why waste it? Live life as if it was the only life you have.

I stayed positive despite the odds of negativity surrounding me.



Things I did:

  1. I accepted that I had the condition.
  2. I faced the problem no matter how difficult it was.
  3. I Prayed to God
  4. I exercised
  5. I went out
  6. I talked with friends
  7. I was supported by my family.
  8. I did something with my life. I went back to the arts and music.
  9. I tried to fight the symptoms by positive thinking
  10. I struggled but it was ok
  11. I listened to music
  12. I asked for help and advice from my friends.
  13. I meditated
  14. I did not succumb to the negative thoughts

Depression is  a serious matter that we have to address and alleviate. People tend to be alone.  People are said to be social but being alone is a problem. Isolation and even feeling left out and having low self-image can contribute to this matter.

That talking about this is taboo and should not even be of concern. But I beg to differ, I believe people need to talk about this matter. I am not saying it should be unspoken of but to put more emphasis on mindfulness and acceptance of this issue.

More and more people end their lives because of despair and lack of support.

This seems taboo for some but it is of utmost concern to talk and be aware of the effects of depression and mental health awareness.

There is a dire need to take good care of ourselves not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. You only have one life and one must cherish it. 🙂

Mental health matters. Below is a video by JacksGap on Mental Health.


Sources:; Photos from Google



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