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Getting Fit, The Right Way

The struggle is real. My weight has been a mundane concern.I feel like the bombarded disregard for this matter.All I cared about that time was to lose the pounds.

I was so mad when I was I was fat, easily agitated. Galit ako sa mundo.

I have always been a fat kid ever since I could remember.

There was a change of thinking that I need to push myself to consider. I need to muster this belief in order to move forward.

I even did the unthinkable= not eating. It was rather horrid to see myself hate myself in the process. I dreaded myself and had low self worth, self-esteem and self-love.

The reason I was not losing weight was not because of the food intake or exercising but the fact that I never was contented with myself.  I even loathe myself in the process. I was not accepting of who I am.  I felt losing weight was an instant but it was not because it take hard work and a lifestyle change to make it work.

Losing weight is not about the pounds but of the lifestyle change. You have to change how you think about the food you will eat and what to fuel your body with. You need to be patient and determined. Remind yourself why you even started. 🙂

How to Lose the Weight Properly:

  1. Make small tangible fitness goals, example: 2 pounds a week
  2. Work your way and never give up
  3. Slowly but surely since weight loss is an enduring process that really takes time
  4. Always be positive, Sh*t happens and everything will be fine
  5. Love the process
  6. Motivate yourself, Look for a role model
  7. Never stop reading and learning
  8. Work hard
  9. Patience
  10. Keep moving forward

Good luck! 🙂 stay happy and fit




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