About Me

Welcome! 🙂

Talking and talking, I seek help from my friend.  I wondered “What big thing should I do to make this year memorable?” As the conversation ended, I realized that anything can happen, what seems to be something that I aspired for has become a reality. I am now writing my first entry.

Looking through the internet, I came across this interesting blog. I realized that anyone can write. Even someone like me. A little girl who had a dream, now a grown woman in her early 20’s searching for what she really wants in life.

Why did I name it Galavantingwallflower? I was a bit  of a wallflower during my teen years. As time passed, I realized the importance of loving myself but the wallflower that I used to be will always be inside. Inside my heart, it will always and forever be an inkling of who I am as a person. Galavanting, I have traveled to places like Italy, Thailand and just recently Shanghai. I really enjoy traveling so I believe that this is a better medium. To write this blog, to fully express my thoughts and feelings.

I want to write my own novel or articles.

I want to help people and make a difference in our world.

I love fashion, traveling, reading, teaching and Psychology.

I enjoy watching movies, photography, playing the guitar and music.

An aspiring blogger, bookworm, hopeless romantic musician and teacher

Guys! Thank you for visiting my site.

Comments are highly appreciated 🙂

Maraming Salamat!


Acknowledgement: Thank you Jade Bufete for doing the calligraphy for the header of my website.


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